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Sannwald & Compagnie - Your M&A specialist


Sannwald & Compagnie operates independently, free-of-conflicts and discreetly in all activities around strategic divestitures and acquisitions of companies or business units.
Our clientele is predominantly privately held companies. In addition, international corporations and public sector entities use our professional experience for the sale of businesses and transaction-related M&A special tasks.


We believe that transactions require comprehensive preparation and evaluation of each and any process step. Furthermore, our clients will require a trusted advisor, who will challenge assumptions before pressing on with a transaction.


In today's complex market, few M&A transactions are 'straightforward' and many deviate from initial expectations.
We fulfil the individual requirements of demanding situations to complete such transactions successfully.


We are specialists in the execution of divestitures of businesses with annual sales of up to 500 million.


So far we have successfully completed over 160 transactions with a total value of more than 10 bn.


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